The Blue Whale - Extra Heavy Microfiber Car Towel (1100 gsm, 16 in. x 16 in.)


Edge Color/Type: Black Silk
Sale price$8.50


The Blue Whale, Ultra Heavy Microfiber Towel, just like it's counter part of the sea, is a HUGE beast. It is as thick and heavy of a detailing towel as you will ever need. The densely packed, extra-long fibers of these heavy duty blue microfiber towels glide across paint surfaces with ease. Eight panels of pile provide a clean towel surface to work with each time.

Product Features

1100 GSM Microfiber (grams per square meter)
Two Ply Construction
16" x 16"
Plush on both sides
80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide - 100% Microfiber

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