Doodle Bug Apartment Mop Set


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This Doodle Bug mop set is designed for cleaning small spaces like tight bathrooms and small apartments. The small dust mop kit has a small foot print, which makes it extremely effective at cleaning in tight crowded space where you must mop around furniture or appliances. To cover a little more ground, see our Household microfiber floor mop kit.

This small apartment dust mop comes with an aluminum three piece telescoping pole extendable from 24" to 47", a lightweight 9" commercial aluminum mop frame, a 10" Premium Microfiber Mop Pad, and a 10" Fringed Microfiber Dust Pad.

Product Features

9" Aluminum Mop Frame
3 Piece Telescoping Pole
10" Fringed Microfiber Dust Pad
10" Premium Microfiber Wet Pad

Care Instructions

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