The most common types of microfiber fabric weaves are Terry, which is distinguished by the fabrics pile. It combines a good soft feel, good cleaning ability, and high absorbency, the downside is that it is more likely to lint and streak. The longer, loose pieces of microfiber can be pulled off leaving lint, and can leave trails of steaks when wet.

The Glass and Window cloths solve this problem by having no pile. These types of microfiber are woven in a miniature corduroy type pattern that is more rough and aggressive than terry, but still retains the high absorbancy and cleaning ability of microfiber. They are lint free and have minimal streaking (streaking occurs if the cloth is over saturated).

The Waffle Weave is usually used as a drying cloth (auto care and pet care). These types of fabric weaves have superior absorbency, and the ridges in the waffle pattern scoop up liquid to aid in drying. 

The Closed Loop material is often finished with an edgeless ultra sonic cut without edge stitching or edge binding. It is most often used for polishing. Auto detailers like this material for removing wax and polish residue, since the texture of the fabric has a bit more cut then the terry towels.

The Suede and Optical cloth material is soft and smooth, but lacks absorbency. These different types of microfiber cloth are best for cleaning eye glasses, lenses, and all types of screens including smart phones, tablets, computers, and TV's. It is the best type of fabric weave for removing smudges, on sensitive glass.


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