18'' x 5.5'' Microfiber Dust Mop Pad


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This microfiber floor dusting mop is a great choice for home cleaning. It grabs and holds on to dust, dander, pet hair, dust bunnies, and spider webs without releasing them back into the environment. It is good for use on all floor types. Purchase these dust mop replacement heads online at Microfiber Tech.

The microfiber dry mop pad attaches to the mop hardware via Velcro for easy removal and laundering when dirty.  The pads are constructed with high quality microfiber materials that can be laundered hundreds of times. Wash separate from cotton, without bleach or fabric softener. Dry on low heat.

Product Features

18" Long x 5.5" Wide (for use with 16" flat mop hardware)
500gsm Microfiber
300g/m2 Polyester Velcro
Captures Pet hair, Dander, "Dust Bunnies", and spider webs
Grabs Dust in corner around edges and under furniture
Good for all floors; wood, tile, concrete, etc.
Attaches via velcro for easy removal and laundering
When the pad is dirty it should be removed and cleaned in a washing machine

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