Autofiber Washstik Car Wash Mop


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Wash any vehicle in record time!

The Autofiber Washstik Car Wash Mop with telescopic handle saves time, energy, and your back, too! This trio of benefits results from the microfiber car wash mop's three key components. The first is a lightweight aluminum telescopic handle that adjusts from 42 inches to an extra-long 70 inches with a few twists. Securely attached to the microfiber car wash pole is a removable 9 x 4 ¼ aluminum rotating mop head that glides the mop up, down, over, under and all around your vehicle. Topping that is a super-absorbent microfiber mop pad that reveals and restores your vehicle s showroom shine in record time.  

The Autofiber Washstik Car Wash Mop with telescopic handle cleans any size vehicle quickly and nearly effortlessly thanks to premium microfiber, one of the most efficient and effective cleaning products available today. This telescopic handle mop is ideal for washing super-sized vehicles like motor homes, fire engines, large trucks and even boats.

Traditional car wash cloths merely push dirt around. But with this microfiber long handled car wash mop, millions of precision split strands loosen dirt, lift it off the surface, then trap and hold it inside microscopic spaces in between these strands. Once trapped, dirt particles won't scratch paint or other finishes. A dry pad is all you need to finish off the job.

Microfiber has a unique ability to absorb up to seven times its weight in water. Yet even when wet the telescopic handle mop is remarkably lightweight. Just grab the plastic end grip with your dominant hand and the soft foam grip with the other for better balance and more control.  No matter how much you move this car wash mop with its telescoping handle, the hook-and-loop backing coupled with high-grade snap closures keep the mop pad securely in place.

Product Features

Keeps hands dry – The car wash mop head does the wet work so your hands don’t have to.
All-angle rotating mop head – Makes this telescopic handle mop easier to control than other car wash mops.
Longer lasting heavy duty construction – Including high quality, non-corrosive aluminum that won’t bend or bow, industrial strength hardware, difficult to damage high density plastic, and premium microfiber.
Premium 80/20 Polyester/Polyamide (nylon) fiber blend – Reduces scratching, swirling and washing time.
Machine washable convenience – Machine or hand wash separately or with other microfiber items in warm water and mild detergent or hand soap, rinse, and air dry. Bleach and fabric softeners are not recommended.

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