Autofiber Pocket Wheel Cloth (pack of 2)

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Get a grip on wheel washing and detailing!

The Autofiber Pocket Wheel Detailing Cloths are the latest weapon in the on-going battle against road grime and brake dust. This one-of-a-kind microfiber wheel and tire cleaner cloth restores the shine to road-weary wheels and makes caring for them fun again. 

Microfiber pocket wheel cloths have an ingenious simple design. Each auto detailing cloth starts with a 16 x 24 premium microfiber cloth that is folded and stitched to create spacious five-and-a-half-inch deep pockets on each end. The dual horizontal pockets provide ample room to get in and grab hold while cleaning and wiping your precious rims. With the wheel cloth wrapped around your hand, millions of microfiber strands effortlessly glide in and out of small spaces and detailed contours, loosening and trapping debris everywhere they go.

The Autofiber Pocket Wheel and Tire Cleaner Cloth is black like your tires, so it s easy to distinguish from the rest of your auto detailing artillery. The easily identifiable color camouflages dark marks and stains caused by brake dust, road residue and unpainted wheels.

The super-absorbent Autofiber Pocket Wheel and Tire Cleaner Cloth cleans and shines old tires, new tires, custom rims, standard rims, alloy rims, chrome and more. Just spritz wheels and rims and wipe. That s it! No more double folding shop towels or messing with paper towels. And because the detailing cloths are microfiber, you never have to worry about harming or damaging the surface.

Protect your investment

You spend a lot of time keeping your wheels in good shape. But you don t have to spend a lot of time keeping them show-off sleek. Instead, slip your hands inside the Autofiber Pocket Wheel and Tire Cleaner Cloth and let the millions of microfiber strands of these detailing cloths do all the work.



Premium 80/20 Polyester/Polyamide (nylon) fiber blend Eye-catching design – Black microfiber and red trim.
Machine washable convenience – Machine or hand wash this pocket microfiber cloth separately or with like colors because the black will bleed a little.. Use warm water and mild detergent or hand soap, rinse, and air dry. Bleach and fabric softeners harm microfiber and deteriorate its cleaning ability over time.
Long lasting – Proper care = less wear and tear on your pocket microfiber cloth.
Two-to-a-pack convenience and super low price – Makes it easy to get one and give one!

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